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Call for Papers

Please email to María J. Iglesias Portela all abstract proposals (in Word or text format) before the 10th of April 2008.

Here are the abstract guidelines:

    • Title (font Times New Roman pt. 14, Bold, align center).
    • First Author and co-authors (font Times New Roman pt. 12, align center). Initials and surname in that order; multiple authors must be separated by a comma.
    • Body of the text: a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 500 words (Times New Roman, pt. 12, align left.

All submissions must have a second page including the authors’ full name, affiliation and e-mail address and an indication of the theme, or themes the paper is addressing :

  1. Libraries and archives
  2. Public sector Information
  3. Creative works
  4. Scientific research
  5. Publishing intermediaries
  6. Emerging Issues

The acceptance of abstracts for the conference will be notified the 20th of April. Instructions will be given concerning the format of the final papers.

Authors accepted must submit their papers before the 15th of June.

Papers acepted will be compiled and published in the Conference Proceedings.

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Conference 2008

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