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The G-SEKSI conference will take up four thematic topics relating to the conceptual foundations and practical feasibilities of contractually constructed “commons” and related bottom-up public domain initiatives (joint policy guidelines, common standards, institutional policies, …) that would offer shared access to a variety of research resources, identifying effective models and salient needs and opportunities for effective initiatives across a diverse range of research areas. These themes are:

Theme (1)
The economics and legal foundations of contractually constructed research commons,
Theme (2)
Analytical frameworks and case studies of operating arrangements in real-world prototype and functioning arrangements for sharing research resources,
Theme (3)
Monitoring, evaluating and improving the performance of contractually constructed scientific resource commons,
Theme (4)
Managing arrangements for expanded knowledge-sharing, and information re-use among researchers engaged in “open science” and “propriety research regimes.”

Submission of contributions is encouraged from both junior and senior scholars interested in understanding the foregoing thematic issues that will be explored in the specific contexts of the following four main categories of research resources:

(i) published research results and working papers
(ii) research tools and software
(iii) databases
(iv) bio-physical materials.

On the second and third (full) days of the conference, the conference will provide for four parallel tracks through the breakout sessions, each devoted to one of the four major categories of “shareable” research resources.

To submit a contribution and for further information contact: with a copy to Cecile Carbonell

Download the pdf version of the Call for Papers

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