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2009 COMMUNIA Network Enlargement

We just completed our second (and final) Member Enlargement selection, with a very large majority of the 41 current members expressing their voting preferences for the following ten new members (out of 13 applications received):

1. Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
2. Ljudmila (NGO), Slovenia
3. Haifa Center for Law & Technology, Israel
4. A Face (Association for Fair Audiovisual Copyright in Europe)
5. National Library of the Czech Republic
6. Iuridicum Remedium o.s (NGO), Czech Republic
7. University of Trento, Italy
8. Ozyegin University, Turkey
9. Digitale Allmend (NGO), Switzerland
10. Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex (UK)

More details will be available soon, as membership procedures are currently being finalised. [03Aug09]

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