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Call for Papers for PFIE special issue on "Universities as Knowledge Institutions in the Networked Age"

Policy Futures in Education (PFIE) JournalThe online-only Journal Policy Futures in Education (PFIE) will publish a special issue on the impact of information technology and the Internet on universities: to keep and develop their role as knowledge institutions, how should universities reshape in this new environment? Sub-topics, such as open access to scientific literature and distance learning, have an established track of studies and proposals. However, it has not been common so far to aim at an integrated analysis of how universities will and should change to accommodate the changes brought by cyberspace in their specific role of knowledge user, processor, producer and disseminator.

One topic to be addressed is how the process of learning within universities will change because of the Internet and digital devices: Are we heading towards purely technology-mediated learning strategies? Is the old Socratic professor-student direct approach completely obsolete?
A second topic is how research will be affected by the Internet: a major potential impact will be on the way research results will be communicated in the future.
The third topic regards how should universities use cyberspace to best implement their mission with respect to society: In recent years society has been asking universities to do more than simply, albeit crucially, educate students and produce new academic knowledge.

This PFIE special issue builds upon the COMMUNIA 2010 Conference on University and Cyberspace (Turin, 28-30 June 2010).

Deadline for submissions is 15 January 2011. Papers should be sent as email attachments to: All papers submitted will be evaluated using the PFIE's normal peer review process. For more information, please contact the editorial team. [08sep10]

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