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COMMUNIA Conference 2009: Global Science & Economics of Knowledge-Sharing Institutions

The Second COMMUNIA International Conference 2009 is scheduled for Sunday 28, Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 June 2009 in Torino, Italy.

The conference will address the conceptual foundations and practical feasibilities of contractually constructed “commons” and related bottom-up public domain initiatives (joint policy guidelines, common standards, institutional policies, etc.) capable of offering shared access to a variety of research resources, identifying effective models and salient needs and opportunities for effective initiatives across a diverse range of research areas.

Also available are detailed procedures for hotel bookings (at special rates) and instructions on how to reach the conference venue at the Rettorato on Sunday and at Collegio Carlo Alberto the following days.

Take a look at the programme of the conference.

A report of the conference is available here, and slides as well as summaries of some sessions can be accessed from the download section of the website as well as directly below in the programme [27oct09]

The conference is co-organized by:

In Collaboration with BRICK – Collegio Carlo Alberto and the Sponsorship Support of the EU DIME Network of Excellence.

Background and Rationale of the Conference

The rapid advances in digital technologies and networks over the past two decades have significantly altered and improved the ways that data and information can be produced, disseminated, managed, and used, both in science and in many other spheres of human endeavor, and have created unprecedented opportunities for accelerating the progress of science and innovation. These developments are part of the emerging broader movement in support of formal and informal “peer production” and global dissemination of information by mobilizing the cooperation of distributed science and knowledge communities in open networked environments. Indeed, as recognized increasingly in the literature, the emerging economics of science in the digital environment can be seen as a complex mix of social sharing and exchange in communities of peers as a modality of production, along with public support and private appropriation as an incentive for translating research results into new commercial applications.

This conference – held within the context of the EU-funded project COMMUNIA, the European Thematic Network on the digital public domain – aims to bring together leading people from a number of international scientific research communities, social science researchers and science, technology and innovation policy analysts, to discuss the rationale, policy support and practical feasibility of arrangements designed to emulate key public domain conditions for collaborative research. Initiatives and policies have been proposed that go beyond “open access” to published research findings by aiming to facilitate more effective and extensive (global) sharing of not only data and information, but research facilities, tools, and materials. There is thus a need to examine a number of these proposals’ conceptual foundations from the economic and legal perspectives and to analyze the roles of the public domain and contractually constructed commons in facilitating sharing of scientific and technical data, information and materials. But it is equally important to examine the available evidence about actual experience with concrete organizational initiatives in different areas of scientific and technological research, and to devise appropriate, contextually relevant methods of assessing effectiveness and identifying likely unintended and dysfunctional outcomes.

The International Organizing Program Committee

Chair: Prof. Cristiano Antonelli (Università di Torino)
Prof. Jean-Michel Dalle (Université de Paris -- Pierre-et-Marie-Curie)
Prof. Paul A. David (Stanford University)
Prof. Tom Dedeurwaerdere (Université Catholique de Louvain)
Prof. Juan Carlos de Martin (Politecnico di Torino – Coordinator COMMUNIA Project)
Prof. Aldo Geuna (Università di Torino)
Prof. Dietmar Harhoff (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich)
Prof. W. Edward Steinmueller (University of Sussex)

Secretariate: Kathleen Cass (CODATA)

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Presentations, papers and other material related to COMMUNIA events are available in the download page

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