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Compartilhamento legal! – will Brazil put an end to the "war on copying"?

Compartilhamento legal!, under CCOn the final day (August 31st) of the public consultation on Brazil's copyright bill (English translation) a group of academic, educational, consumer, musical and digital cultural organizations joined in the Network for copyright law reform. In their fifteen contributions for access to knowledge they propose, among others, an exception for educational non-profit use and a term reduction from 70 to 50 years after the death of the author.

Under the slogan "Compartilhamento legal! R$3,00 de todos para tudo," this network is proposing to legalize non-commercial file-sharing in exchange for a levy on broadband Internet access. The idea is nearly as old as peer-to-peer file-sharing itself. It has been tested in technology and in law making a few times. Here and now in Brazil, it feels like it might actually become a reality. [06sep10]

“Compartilhamento legal!” plays with the double meaning of Portuguese “legal.” It means “Legalize file-sharing! R$3,00 (€1,35) from all for everything,” but also “File-sharing is cool!” The initiative says that the political will is there to find an amicable solution for the challenges posed by the popular practice of peer-to-peer exchanges. Whether there is significant support in the communities of artists and of Internet inhabitants, the petition will show.

The Ministry of Culture will be working on the final bill over the next months and over the elections in October. If the Workers Party remains in power, which looks quite likely at this point, the bill could go to the first chamber of the Brazilian congress, the Câmara dos Deputados, in December and to the Senado Federal at the beginning of the new year.

Read here for more details.

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