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Europeana launches its Public Domain Charter

Europeana logo The Europeana Foundation has published a policy statement, the Public Domain Charter, to highlight the value of public domain content in the knowledge economy. It alerts Europe's museums, libraries, archives and audiovisual collections to the fact that digitisation of Public Domain content does not create new rights in it.

The document highlights the Public Domain as a "shared resource that underpins contemporary societies" and it "provides a historically developed balance to the rights of creators protected by copyright."

This initiative strengthens the recently-launched Public Domain Manifesto goal to protect today’s cultural landscape particularly relevant to education, cultural heritage and scientific research -- thus ensuring that it can continue to function in a meaningful way.

The Public Domain Charter is currently available as a pdf download in English, French, German, Spanish, and Polish. [27apr10]

Europeana, a Thematic Network funded by the European Commission under the eContentplus programme, is a partnership of 100 representatives of heritage and knowledge organisations and IT experts from throughout Europe. Its six million of digital items include images, texts, sounds, and videos from museums, galleries, libraries, etc. Later this year Europeana will implement a new version with added functionality and access to over 10 million digital objects.

Click here for more details about Europeana's Public Domain Charter.

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