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First meeting on Public Domain Calculators (10-11 november)

As part of its on-going activities, COMMUNIA is now hosting a series of meetings devoted to Public Domain Calculators - a task carried by the Working Group on Mapping the Public Domain.

The goal of such workshops is to try to determine whether or not a given work is under copyright in a given EU jurisdiction. The first meeting was co-organized by the Open Knowledge Foundation in association with the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law at the University of Cambridge, UK.

The purpose of this workshop - held at the University of Cambridge on 10-11 November - was to produce materials such as legal flow charts and public domain “algorithms” which will help with the representation of different national copyright laws and the determination of public domain status. [20nov09]

After reviewing existing work on the calculators, the attendees put together first drafts of diagrams representing copyright law in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. They also started work on a tutorial to help others getting started in building public domain flow diagrams for other countries. And finally, a short video was put together in order to better introduce the project.

Here is the meeting wiki page and here some notes with additional resources (provided by Open Knowledge Foundation's Jonathan Gray), while a more detailed report will follow soon.

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