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LAPSI Project launches

LAPSI (Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information) is a new 30-month project funded by the European Commission aimed at building a network covering high-level policy discussions and strategic action on all legal issues related to access and the re-use of PSI in the digital environment.

Information generated and collected by public sector entities carries great potential for improving EU economies and societies, if only current legal barriers to access and re-use were removed. Therefore the project will address implementation and deployment issues, designing of incentives for public bodies and private players, special consideration of infra- and supra-national levels of access and re-use policies and practices, and a strategic vision for out-of-the box thinking for the next steps ahead in policy making. [15apr10]

Coordinated by Nexa Research Center for Internet and Society, LAPSI brings together leading research institutions which in the recent past have made substantial contributions in the relevant fields of PSI re-use, along with other crucial stakeholders such as researchers and academics specialized in law and economics, with an additional Advisory Board composed of three high-level renowned experts.

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