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More events to celebrate Public Domain Day in Europe

More events to celebrate Public Domain Day 2011 are being planned in European cities. The new additions include an event at the National Library in Warsaw on December 30, 2010, during opening hours (13:00-15:00), focused on various topics such as the digital objects in local Digital Libraries and the need to introduce a system of legal protection of the public domain. For more information please visit the event webpage.

Also, in Berlin the Open Knowledge Foundation will host an informal meet-up addressing the opportunities to reuse public domain works in interesting new ways, whether as the basis for useful web services, in research and education, or in the arts. Participants will include artists, designers, developers, scholars, legal experts and representatives from cultural heritage institutions. The event will take place on 14 January 2011 from 11:00 to 20:00 at CO Impakt, Erkelenzdamm 59, Berlin; for more info please check this Eventbrite page.

More details about these and other events are always available on the Public Domain Day 2011. If you are planning a local event to celebrate PD Day, please email us at pd-day [at] communia-project [dot] eu. [11dec10]

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