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Open Data and Re-use in Europe

Submitted by Bernardo Parrella on Thu, 28/10/2010 - 17:53

Free public meeting in France on open-data issues at local level. [28oct10]

Jointly organised by Rennes Metropole, Le Conseil Régional Bretagne, Fing, the PSI Alliance, e-mégalis, GFII and ePSIplatform, the event will address the issue:
"Open Data and Re-use: what is happening at local levels in Europe?"

29th November 9.30 – 17.00 (CET) at Hôtel de Rennes Métropole, 4 avenue Henri Fréville, Rennes, France.

With the focus on national data catalogues it is easy to overlook the potential value of local data for economic, social and democratic benefits. Yet a huge amount is generated locally in the provision of services for citizens. A network of local data initiatives is now opening up and to encourage this we are holding a meeting in Rennes, a city which has taken a lead in opening up local data.

More details, including the meeting agenda and online registration, is available at:

For more information or any questions or to indicate your interest in participating in one of the panels or as speaker from the floor, please contact:
Pauline Pollard, European Public Sector Information Platform (ePSIplatform) -
rennes [at]

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