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The Public Domain Works registry

New Year's Day is also known as Public Domain Day, marking the entrance in the public domain of creative works produced by authors who died some decades before. Depending on each country copyright term legislation, on 1. January an impressive wealth of knowledge, information and beauty is made freely available to the humankind as a whole.

To raise public awareness about such important date, the upcoming 2010 Public Domain Day will be celebrated with several initiatives directly organized by COMMUNIA members, including the further development of the Public Domain Works database - an open registry of artistic works that are in the public domain. [29dec09]

Currently focused on books and sound recordings and managed by the Open Knowledge Foundation's Public Domain Working Group, this project is open to anybody's participation. For instance, people can: develop Public Domain 'calculators' to determine what works are in the public domain and which are not in their specific countries; find more data in the form discographies, library catalogues, etc. to be added to the database; help link the data with other data sources and materials (such as online copies of the texts and recordings themselves).

There are currently 125,318 persons, 12,840 items and 299,141 works in the database. A simple but powerful search engine provides results by person names or work titles.

More information:
- Public Domain Works
- Public Domain Working Group

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