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Biological Material Sharing in Research: The Case of Rain Forest Resources


Alexandre Antonelli

Victor Rodriguez

The outstanding species richness found in the Amazonian rain forest, combined with the gap between taxonomists based in Brazil and abroad, has lead many scientists to focus their research interests in Brazilian Amazonia. However, the last years have evidenced a much contrasting development of the federal regulations controlling the access and transfer of biological material from the region. Here we present the preliminary findings of a world-wide survey, reporting for both positive and negative experiences by taxonomists and other researchers when dealing with research permits.

January 2011.
Upon request from the authors, Communia had to remove the article from this page in order to allow them to try to publish the final findings in the academic journal of their choice. At the conference in June 2009, authors disclosed partial results. They completed their study in January 2010 and want to submit the final manuscript to an academic journal. But because the preliminary findings were disclosed, the editor of the journal refused to continue with the submission process of their manuscript. Authors explained him that the dataset used in the journal submission was different from what has been presented in the Communia version and that Communia was an academic conference to receive feedback from colleagues, and as such the paper was in the proceedings. But these arguments did not convince the editor to continue with the submission process. Authors didn't authorize Communia to disclose the name of the journal in this explanation of the removal. Communia strongly believes the publication of a preliminary version should not be harmful to the publication of a revised version in an academic journal. Disclosure at conferences are part of the normal path of research and scientific publishing.

This work is published under a non-exclusive license

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