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Submitted by Bernardo Parrella on Mon, 14/01/2008 - 22:03

Here is a new experiment addressing the reprints of public domain books. is a free service that takes any book currently in the public domain (about 1.7 million titles) and reprints it using

Those public domain books are hosted in the supported sites, such as the Internet Archive, Google Books or Universal Library. The service is simply using these sites in accordance with their terms and is intended for non-commercial use only.

Anyone can easily place a request from a supported archive, then will convert the appropriate book to printable form and sends it off to Largest format 8"x11", max 700 pages, soft cover only, ready in 24-48 hours (and possibly longer). The final prices are rounded up from cost prices to the nearest $0.99 to cover bandwidth and processing power rented from Amazon's EC2 Service.

Users have access to a PDF preview and are not obligated to buy the resulting book if they don't like the final result. Run by Yakov Shafranovich, this service does not provide any warranty and is not affiliated with «any of the archives that the digital images are being obtained from.»

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