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Europeana launches its testing website

Submitted by Bernardo Parrella on Tue, 12/02/2008 - 22:07

The Europeana project, now open for online testing, aims at bringing together millions of digitised resources from Europe’s archives, museums, libraries and audio visual collections in a single portal.

The Europeana demo includes an intriguing video introduction and an online survey open to the public (with an iPhone lottery). Expanding the idea of a European digital library and directed by the European Digital Library Foundation, the project is funded by the European Commission within the i2010 initiatives to create a European Information Society.

Europeana is developing practical, user-defined tools for exploring and sharing content in a multilingual interface. The tools will make it easy for users to combine or compare related material across different countries – for example the artefacts, imagery, records and writings relating to the Roman Empire, the Vikings or the Renaissance. Users will be able to use sophisticated browsing and searching to find paintings, photographs, objects, books, newspapers, archival records, films and sound that have been digitised by Europe’s heritage organisations.

The first, fully operative prototype (scheduled for November 2008) will give direct access to at least 2 million digitised objects, including books, photos, maps, sounds, films and archival records from Europe's libraries, archives, museums and audio-visual collections.

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