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The G-SEKSI conference will take up four thematic topics relating to the conceptual foundations and practical feasibilities of contractually constructed “commons” and related bottom-up public d

Report on 3rd Communia workshop (Amsterdam, 20-21 October 2008)

The workshop - co-organized by the Institute for Information Law (IViR) at the University of Amsterdam, Knowledgeland and Waag Society, under the perfect supervision of Lucie Guibault, Paul Keller and Peter Troxler - gathered about 70 participants from throughout Europe.

The event started with a fascinating discussion between two worldwide leading thinkers of the public domain: Professor James Boyle (Faculty Co-director of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke Law School, USA) and Professor Bernt Hugenholtz (Director of the Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam). Their conversation focused on the history of copyright and "droit d’auteur", defining differences and common points between the philosophies framing both concepts, toward more than one definition of the public domain.[24oct08]

3rd COMMUNIA Workshop in Amsterdam

3rd COMMUNIA Workshop, Amsterdam 20-21 October 2008 - photo: public domain  title=The 3rd COMMUNIA Workshop (Marking the public domain: relinquishment & certification) took place in Amsterdam on 20-21 October 2008. The workshop addressed the legal, economical and technical issues related to certifying public domain works and relinquishing intellectual property rights in Europe. A report of the workshop is available here, and slides as well as summaries of some sessions can be accessed from the download section of the website as well as directly below in the programme [17oct08]

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