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Fifth Communia Workshop

5th Communia Workshop: papers and presentations

London School of Economics Accessing, Using, Reusing Public Sector Content and Data

The 5th COMMUNIA workshop, co-organised on 26-27 March by the Open Knowledge Foundation and London School of Economics, focused on how we can unlock the huge potential of public sector material. It also examined the current obstacles to doing this -- legal, technological and social -- as well as how they can be overcome. In particular, much of the value of public sector material can only be realized if it is reused and interlinked -- both activities that are currently difficult for a variety of legal and technological reasons.

Across the world there is a growing recognition of the social and commercial value of public sector content and data: be that the text of laws, the holdings of public museums, or the geospatial and environmental information collected by government agencies. Moreover, it is likely that better access to and use of such information is central to improving governance and increasing democratic participation. Therefore, the event focused around the claim that, wherever possible: Public sector content and data should be made available, both legally and technically, for public re-use.

A range of presentations and policy recommendations from researchers, policy-makers, stakeholders and representatives from Europe, the United States and Australia is available from the download section and by clicking on the presentations titles in the agenda below. Policy recommendations and abstracts are also available as two separated downloadable documents and a full report can be accessed here.

All (Intellectual) Property is Theft?


Ian Angell (London School of Economics)


The government view: progress so far


Tom Watson, MP

Tom will be talking about government progress in the openness agenda; new developments; and his overall views on the subject.


The Imperial War Museum and the Commons on Flickr Armistice Day Project


Hilary Roberts, Imperial War Museum Photograph Archive

At 11 am on 11 November 2009, the Imperial War Museum posted its first selection to The Commons on Flickr as part of a collaborative posting by museums and archives around the world to mark the 90th a


Open Publishing: Working with the Commercial and Public sectors


Frances Pinter, London School of Economics + Bloomsbury Academic

The Internet and Open Content licensing afford many exciting opportunities to make content available for dissemination and reuse.


One web page for every book


Edward Betts, Open Library

The Open Library is a web-based library catalogue which is designed to hold the details of every book ever published.


Full Return on Investment: the case for open access to scientific data and information


Tom Moritz, Internet Archive

The case for free and open access to taxpayer-funded research seems clear and the case logically extends to effective use and repurposing of data.

This work is published under a non-exclusive license

WIPO and Access to Content: The Development Agenda and the Public Domain


Richard Owens, WIPO

Mr Owens' presentation will describe the formulation of copyright policy at WIPO - stakeholders and issues; legal, technology and market concerns.


Open government data in the Netherlands


Ton Zijlstra and James Burke, Open government data project commissioned by Ministry for Interior Affairs, Netherlands

We will present findings from a research project on the state of open government data in the Netherlands, commissioned by the Ministry for Interior Affairs.


Directgov | innovate


Brian Hoadley, Directgov

It began as a place to share prototypes of mashups in a collaborative digital environment with the open source development community.

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Presentations, papers and other material related to COMMUNIA events are available in the download page

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