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4th Communia Workshop: Zurich, 23 Jan 2009

The 4th Communia Workshop will take place in Zurich at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) on Friday the 23rd of January 2009. The Workshop is dedicated to discussing the 1st year review of the Communia project and planning our future actions. In both plenary and parallel sessions, we will also work on the Working Group projects and initiatives - including but not limited to: map the public domain, write a new mission statement for Communia, formulate specific policy statements, organize public domain day, etc. [23jan09]

A report of the workshop is available here


09:00: Registration

09:15: The COMMUNIA Project:
Assessment and Looking Ahead:
-the 1st-year formal review: presentation and discussion;
-the 2nd-year: additional new member? new/improved activities?

10:00: Communications by Members (i.e., news, related projects, etc.)

10:15: Working Groups:
presentations/introductions by WG leads

10:45: Working Groups:
break-out sessions (1 3/4 hours)

12:30: Lunch (not organized)

13:45: PLENARY TALK: Paul Gerhardt: "Broadcast Archives and the Digital Public Domain" slides

14:05: Summary of WGs morning activities:
Q&A, discussion (to share and to re-focus)

14:30: Working Groups:
break out sessions (2 hours)

16:30: Final Summaries by the WGs

17:00: The Zurich COMMUNIA statement:
Where we are / what we need / what we plan to do

17:30: The 5th COMMUNIA Workshop in London (Prodromos Tsiavos and Jonathan Gray) and the 2009 COMMUNIA Conference in Torino (Aldo Geuna): presentation by the organizers and discussion

18:00: End of workshop

The venue for the workshop is room HG D7.1 at the main building of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, located in Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zürich:

Here you can find some hotel recommendations.

Please don't forget to fill out in advance the registration form.

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Presentations, papers and other material related to COMMUNIA events are available in the download page

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