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COMMUNIA Conference 2009 (Torino 28-30 June): programme

This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons:; released by its author, Daniel Ventura, under the GNU Free Documentation License Under the title "Global Science and the Economics of Knowledge-Sharing Institutions", the Second COMMUNIA International Conference 2009 is scheduled for Sunday 28, Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 June 2009 in Torino, Italy.

The event will address the conceptual foundations and practical feasibilities of contractually constructed “commons” and related bottom-up public domain initiatives (joint policy guidelines, common standards, institutional policies, etc.) capable of offering shared access to a variety of research resources, identifying models, needs and opportunities for effective initiatives across a diverse range of research areas. [19june09]

For the Conference programme, please download this pdf file or just read below.

Sunday 28 June: Day One: Pre-conference Events (Jolly Hotel Ligure, Piazza Carlo Felice, 85)

  • 9:00 – 12:30 COMMUNIA Working Group meetings

Conference Day One (Aula Magna Rettorato Università di Torino, Via Verdi 8)

- Introduction to the Conference and its Themes

  • 14.00 - Welcome: Cristiano Antonelli
    Professor of Economics, University of Turin & Director, BRICK
  • 14.10 - Plenary Presentation: Ezio Pellizzetti
    Rector Magnificus, University of Torino (Invited-TBC)
  • 14.20 - Plenary Presentation: Paul A. David
    Professeur Titulaire-Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paris Tech & Professor of Economics (Emeritus), Stanford University

- Global Scientific Collaborations – Accomplishments, Potentials and Impedances

16.30 - Coffee break

- Research Policies, Funding and Open Science’s Future

  • 16.50 - Keynote Address: Norbert Kroo
    Vice-President, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Representative of the European Research Council
    Bringing great ideas to life
  • 17.15 - Keynote Address: Nicole Perrin
    Senior Policy Advisor, The Wellcome Trust Limited, UK
    Data matters: a research funder's perspective
  • 17:50 - Open Discussion - Moderator: Aldo Genua
    Professor of Economics, University of Torino

18.20 - Adjourn, Return to the Hotels (walk through the city center)

19.30 - Conference Reception (Esperia Società Canottieri, Corso Moncalieri 2/c)

Monday 29 June: Conference Day Two (Collegio Carlo Alberto - 8.15 transport from Torino to Moncalieri by shuttle in front of the Hotel Rocca & Cavour, piazza Carlo Felice 60, near Porta Nuova Railway Station)

- Science in Context - Economics and Legal Institutions

  • 9.00 - Keynote Address: Philippe Aghion
    Robert C. Waggoner Professor of Economics, Harvard University
    Academia and Innovation
  • 9.25 - Keynote Address: Bernt Hugenholtz
    Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Director of the Institute for Information Law of the University of Amsterdam
    Owning Science:Intellectual Property Rights as Impediments to Knowledge Sharing
  • 9.50 - Keynote Address: Patrick Llerena
    Professor of Economics, Université Pasteur, Strasbourg
    Indicators and policies for HEI's TT activities: lessons from the french case
  • 10.15 - Discussion - Moderator: Cristiano Antonelli
    Professor of Economics, University of Torino

10.40 - Coffee break

11.00 - Breakout Session I

12.45 - Lunch

14.00 - Breakout Session II

15.45 - Coffee break

16:00 - Breakout Session III

17.50 - Adjourn (Transport from Collegio Carlo Alberto to Torino by shuttle)

19.30 - Gala Dinner (Esperia Società Canottieri - corso Moncalieri 2/c)

Tuesday 30 June: Conference Day Three (Collegio Carlo Alberto - 8.15 transport from Torino to Moncalieri by shuttle in front of the Hotel Rocca & Cavour, piazza Carlo Felice 60, near Porta Nuova Railway Station)

- Forming and Reforming the Research Resource Commons -- Designs and Experiences

10.30 - Coffee break

10.45 - Breakout Session IV

12.25 - Discussants’ Round-Table on Economics on Scientific Research & Collaborations: Perspectives from Breakout Session A,B, D, F: R. Stankiewicz, P. Aghion, P. David, P. Stephan; Moderator: A. Geuna

13.00 - Lunch

14.00 - Discussants’ Round-Table on Legal and Institutional Structuring of Research Collaboration: Perspectives from Breakout Session C, E, G, H: B. Coriat, T. Dedeurwaerdere, F. Murray, W. E. Steinmueller; Moderator: T. Dedeurwaerdere


Moderator: W. Edward Steinmueller (SPRU- Sussex University)

  • 14:35 Opening Remarks: Science and the Techno-Socio Vision of the Cyberinfrastructure - Edward Seidel (Director of the Office of Cyberinfrastructure, NSF)
  • 14:50 A Panel and Floor Discussion: Can Top-Down and Bottom-Up Policy Initiatives be Integrated? What are the Priorities?
  • Responses from the Panel Members (25 mins for 5 (5 min) statements, plus 35 mins general discussion):

    - Dominique Foray ( EPFL)
    - Benjamin Coriat (University of Paris XIII)
    - Marco Ricolfi (Università di Torino)
    - Paul Uhlir (National Academies of Science)

15.50 - Coffee break

16.00-18.30 - COMMUNIA General Assembly

18.30 - Transport from Collegio Carlo Alberto to Torino by shuttle

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Conference 2009

Presentations, papers and other material related to COMMUNIA events are available in the download page

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