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The Public Domain Manifesto in the current history of the Internet, an innovative project of digital journalism, covering technology, politics and culture in French and English, published an interesting piece about the history of the Internet. Actually, it is an interactive timeline (app) comprising manifestos, declarations and other public documents, drafted by various experts and organizations from 1981 to 2011 -- including also the Public Domain Manifesto.

The accompanying review explains, among other things, that "the manifesto was a great success…thousands of individuals have signed, along with organizations and institutions worldwide heterogeneous origin". Federico Morando (COMMUNIA staff) is quoted adding that, in drafting the Manifesto, "we looked for different views from lawyers, professors, activists about the public domain". The broader goal is to have an inclusive and larger debate, even if the "sterile war" of copyright cannot be stopped overnight. [24mar11]

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