Who are its members

The COMMUNIA network is represented by its members and aided by a committee of prestigious advisors, including Prof. Dr. Maximilian Herberger, Prof. Jerome H. Reichman, Prof. Stefano Rodotà, Dr. Paul F. Uhlir. The founding members are 36, with five more members added in September 2008. In August 2009, the 2nd (and final) Member Enlargement Selection was completed by 41 COMMUNIA members expressing their voting preferences for 10 new members.  The network includes now 51 members - universities, consumer organizations, libraries, archives, non-profits, commercial enterprises, etc. - mostly from the EU, but also from a few overseas countries such as United States and Brazil. To look up COMMUNIA members, a worldwide interactive map is available at

COMMUNIA Network members attended COMMUNIA workshops and conferences, participated in working groups of their interest and promoted the advancement of the understanding of public domain.