Marking the entrance in the public domain of creative works

Initiatives by COMMUNIA members are being directly organized to raise public awareness of Public Domain Day on New Year's Day that marks the entrance in public domain of creative works. COMMUNIA promotes a website devoted to Public Domain Day at to increase public awareness and education of the public domain concept and its potentialities for spreading culture and knowledge worldwide. The Center for the Study of Public Domain at Duke University, a COMMUNIA member, also published an informative website, available at Additionally, to celebrate the Public Domain Day, the Open Knowledge Foundation has launched the Public Domain Review,, a web-based review of works that have entered the public domain. Each week an invited contributor will present an interesting or curious work with a brief accompanying text giving context, commentary and criticism.

In 2010, to celebrate the Public Domain Day, COMMUNIA launched the public domain day web site. Celebrations were organized in Poland and Switzerland. The Open Knowledge Foundation put together a list of all the authors entering the public domain in 2010 as part of the Public Domain Works project.

The Public Domain Day 2011 was celebrated more effectively than the previous editions. COMMUNIA with special support from the Open Knowledge Foundation promoted a concerted effort and a coordinated web campaign, around the web site and other digital channels, with general information on the public domain and the authors about to enter it, suggestions on how to celebrate the Public Domain Day, and about events planned across the world. COMMUNIA-organized Public Domain Day celebrations took place in Warsaw, Zurich, Berlin, Turin, and Haifa. In Turin, the celebrations focused on authors entering the public domain with intellectuals and actors discussing and reciting their works. The event in Zurich addressed the active reuse of public domain works by society at large, and especially by children with "working stations", where children could actually apply their creativity in reusing public domain works.